What Do You Want To Make Today ?

I am the technical guy: a maker, an entrepreneur and an engineer – not in that particular order though.

I have been spending the last 15 years working with computers, embedded electronics, renewable technologies, the internet of everything and 3D printing.

I am just as passionate about applying technology to minimizing mankind’s impact on the environment, in practical ways.

I am passionate about innovation. To me, one idea a day keeps the routine away. I actually have too many of them, and I am actively looking for people – be they entrepreneurs, salesmen or visionaries – who could help me make them come true. I am also really keen on sharing them and helping others make their own ideas come true.

I thrive on projects involving embedded electronics, IT, technological challenges and responsibilities in team & project management. Please contact me if you need one or more of those, I would be happy to discuss your project with you.

+32 2 318.84.55 | Linkedin