I am the technical guy: a maker, an entrepreneur and an engineer – not in that particular order though.

I have been spending the last 10 years playing with computers, embedded electronics, photovoltaic technologies, the internet of things and, more recently, 3D printing.

I am just as passionate about applying technology to minimizing mankind’s impact on the environment, in practical ways. My last project developed in collaboration with Greenwatch was to create an online tool to help homeowners to evaluate the future revenue of their photovoltaic installation and still receive green certificates after selling their house. Visit www.valopv.be to learn more.

I am passionate about innovation. To me, one idea a day keeps the routine away. I actually have too many of them, and I am actively looking for people – be they entrepreneurs, salesmen or visionaries – who could help me make them come true. I am also really keen on sharing them and helping others make their own ideas come true.

I thrive on projects involving embedded electronics, IT, technological challenges and responsibilities in team & project management. Please contact me if you need one or more of those, I would be happy to discuss your project with you.


Gauthier de Valensart
Phone : +32 2 318.84.55

My last project


All emissions from our servers are offset by the WeForest project in India.